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August 30, 2017 6:50 pm  #1

Titans Return Autobot Hot Rod and Firedrive

I hold a certain affinity for Hot Rod. Just always have. Though like every kid from the 80s I was a bit annoyed about Optimus Prime's death, I don't think I took it out on his successor.

This updated toy, rules! I think its one of my new favorite figures. His alt-mode is sleek and holds together and contains many echos of the G1 toy.

Hot Rod's alt-mode!

And standing on the shelf with Star Convoy (That's what I call 'Battle Core Optimus Prime') In my fan canon, this is after the Great War, and new Cybertronian Golden Age, with a returned powered-up Optimus Prime and Hot Rod as his second-in-command.

How does one go from being the Chosen Prime, and defeating Unicron, effectively ending the Great War to return to the role of simple Autobot Cavalier

I would actually love for Hot Rod to show up on Robots in Disguise (RiD 2015) using a mold like his Titans Return body. It would be interesting to see if in the Aligned Continuity if Hot Rod and Bumblebee know each other.

In other news. Judd Nelson is reprising his role as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime for the second Prime War Trilogy, alongside Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime.

Considering getting the Toyhax sticker sheet for Hot Rod. Its awesome!

And here is another in-depth toy review from TFormers ENI.



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