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March 4, 2018 5:45 pm  #1

Preview: The Machine Builder's Lament

The Machine Builder's Lament

Chapter 1. Sorceress of the Machines

[THE FOUNDRY. Tannhauser Industries, headquarters. Presently orbiting Stellar Object 9633. The 22Nd Century]

Amalgamated into a diamond, surmounted by brilliant electric blue apexes, chunky twin pyramids counter rotated and provided gravitation for the great metalwork's and its numerous mechanical denizens. Radiant circuitry embedded in the monumental construct’s gunmetal, almost black hull illuminated the imposing structure against barren blackness. Ore shipments endlessly were hauled up into the outposts hungry, ready maw, where they were processed into raw materials, needed to build Mecha of varied shapes, sizes, and dispositions, later sold by Tannhauser Industries. Mechanoids primarily populated the mobile installation, save for three humanoids, Technomancers – Arclayht Warlocks, who called The Foundry home.

Brown hair clung wet, onto a slender female frame. Oval pointed eartips peeked out from under below the shoulder trimmed locks. Soapsuds foamed on medium-size, pleasantly round boobs, tipped by brown nipples. Mounted on the woman’s back, silvery-bluish birdlike aileron, with amber ‘feathers’ and down her graceful spine ran a sleek armored tail, which terminated in a sharp pincer. These were cybernetic halo-wings, which meant she didn’t fly, so much as levitate, and repulse gravity. Halo-wings signified her to be a class of Falcanian. Yet her true origins proved more complex. Crouched in the bath, Eden Rhys pondered, caressed lovingly at a blue jewel, worn on a choker. Beneath her right breast, the instrument which gave Arclayht Warlocks remarkable power, a Vriljiin, pulsed. Incandescence, source-light. Oscillated, shimmery surges throughout conduits of Vril technology integrated into her body.

Eden levitated, allowed the spray to rinse away honey-scented foam.

One of her micro-probes, deployed quite a long time ago, out into the vastness of space, returned at last promising data. The face of a dusky-skinned old man appeared on her HUD. A Budjah Monk, to reckon by his distinctive scarlet robe. She opened an archive, on her heads-up display, which dated to the Falcanian Exodus from Earth, and sure enough, this old man’s visage matched that of a youthful Budjah Monk the Convoy briefly encountered fleeing a menace of his own instigation. Though, otherwise occupied at the time, Eden was sure The Phoenix privately met with the monk, now years later a Monsieur of his Order and stationed on the planet Gear.


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