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October 22, 2017 1:33 pm  #1

The DOJ isn't Investigating #UraniumOne, For the Fun of It

Yes, I get it.

The corrupt, bad guys always get away with their crimes, and some minor figure takes the fall. That's how things USED to be done.

Not anymore.

AG Jeff Sessions, isn't just fiddling around with Uranium One to kill time. And remember he has been blessed as an above board, honorable man, by the Democrats, such as Sen. Chuck Schumer, as well as often contrarian Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Both, more less warned the President 'Don't you dare fire Jeff Sessions'.

Talk about, daring to be thrown into the briar patch...

The Democrats and Establishment Republicans completely got played by President Trump's 'outrage' at AG Sessions. They're going to look like fools when they start attacking Sessions, when he brings down indictments on the Clintons and who knows who else.

This is a point many are missing.

The DOJ isn't just gathering evidence, for the fun of it. They intend to use it to prosecute. I know that idea is hard to grasp, after all, Hillary, up until now always gets what she wants and people cater to she and her family.

Things have changed, and its only now beginning to sink in. The President and various other figures, are starting to prepare the public for the oncoming storm which will cleanse the swamp.



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