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October 18, 2017 5:23 am  #1

The Evening News is Structured to Make You Anxious

Everything from the overly dramatic opening music, to make your subconscious think world-ending events are transpiring, even when mundane things are occurring, to the run-on salvo of reporting is used to make viewers tense and anxious about the world around them.

ABC's World News, with David Muir in particular does this.

The opening 'reports' are always rushed together, often only tangentially related stories are reported in a none-stop stream. They do this, so you, the news consumer do not think too hard on what they are reporting.

An opening run-on, typically flows like this:

1. Socially soft
2. Mild Political
3. Hard Political
4 The Tag - Used to highlight the political theme of the night, which you, the viewer are intended to be most afraid of.

Yet to be sure, if they want you to remember details of a 'report' (often the part of run-on that they think will cause the most anxiety) its tagged, and given a highlight by a 'live' reporter, probably standing outside, at night.

As the segments go further into the broadcast, they become specific and more focused, jumping back and forth between soft uniportant things to Geopolitics and domestic issues. Sprinkled with quotations, filled by ellipses,  lacking in proper context.

This is all meant to keep your brain off balance, so you cannot fully digest, or question what they are reporting.



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