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October 10, 2017 9:34 pm  #1

Star Wars: Luke, Rey, Kira All Equal LIGHT!

I don't mean to hammer, this too much...

Wait! Yes I do. Why?

Well, there are a whole bunch of, dare I say stupid Star Wars theories out there, which make zero narrative sense and are a waste of time.

Here's a test: If a Star Wars theory involves an overly complicated explanation and cannot be delivered in a few lines of dialogue, its probably wrong. 

For the interests of this discussion, you need only watch Star Wars: A New Hope, and then go watch, The Force Awakens back to back. The parallels between Luke and Rey will jump out at you.

Its not just becuse JJ Abrams wanted to remake A New Hope. Yes some of it was his affection for the first Star Wars movie, but it also needed to serve a larger narrative purpose, that these two movies and their central charecters have so much in common.

Do it!

Then come back and tell me, Rey is somehow a Kenobi, or Palpatine, or Solo. If you do, you're either lying or not as bright as you fancy yourself.

Now please understand. This isn't because I'm some sort of hardcore Star Wars fan. I'm not. For me, this is about The Narrative and storytelling.

The big clue, Rey is a Skywalker is in her name. 

Names are never random when it comes to important figures in Star Wars. And its not at all shocking that Luke's daughter should have a name which means 'Light' just as Luke's name literally means 'Light'.

Kira, I think was Rey's name in pre-production, of course it could still end up being her given proper name. Kira also means 'Light'.

Yes I know this has been talked about before, but I think it needed to be restated.

Daisy Ridley is right, who Rey is, should be obivous - And probably would have been much clearer had JJ Abrams not directed The Force Awakens - His tick for vagueness, gets in the way of a story sometimes.


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