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August 24, 2017 12:17 am  #1

Aren't Titan Masters, More or Less a Throwback to Diaclones?

First, yes there is a whole section to talk about Transformers here. But will also be doing so, in the context of my blog postings.

Anyhow, its only recently that I realized, the Transformers: Titans Return, toy line, is a callback to the roots of Transformers toys, that is the Diaclone molds, which were piloted-mechs. Yes, it also recalls the Headmasters, and would only have done so, if Hasbro hadn't chosen to make every character a 'Headmaster' in this line. 

It was when I got my hands on Hot Rod, that it dawned on me, how much these new toys are similar to the Diaclones. Sure, Diaclone pilots didn't transform, but there is a reason old TF toys, had cockpits, and every Titan Master vehicle-mode has a working cockpit.


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