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August 22, 2017 7:43 pm  #1

People I Think You Should Know...

OK. This is going to be a wide ranging subject, and include varied sorts of individuals. This post will continue to update, as I see necessary.

Alternative Media (Because, the Media Complex is rampant with Fake News)

And, not who you'd assume...

I trust these gentlemen, because they provide reflective content, and more often then not, prove to be correct in their assessment of world affairs. They're also not prone to hysterics, or rumor mongering, unlike a few other 'alt-media' types, and they do not suffer fools gladly.

Sundance, over at the Last Refuge.


Thomas Wictor. Who is a calming, logical voice in this mad, insane social media wonderland we find ourselves existing in these days.

Saul Montes-Bradley


Brian Cates aka Drawstrike

Larry Schweikart


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