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April 8, 2018 4:19 pm  #1

Ack! Falcanian Biology Kind of Got Mushy!

Remember when I wrote Starblade, and there was a very clear wall around things like 'Falcanian', 'Human', and 'Morningstar'.

Not so much by the time of The Machine Builder's Lament.

Yeah. That's all really mushy now. Though that should have been obvious, when Rene LaSalle, a Morningstar had a son with a human woman.

The term "Falcanian" is also now designating a much more nebulous sort of being. This is, because Falcanians are becoming more akin to Vril. Ah, what humans might call 'angels'...

The only sure things we can say about Falcanians is, they have wings (of some variation...), a plaited-tail, and of course oval, pointy ears.


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