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April 5, 2018 8:49 pm  #1

Back on Smashwords - But...

I have republished my books on Smashwords, and added a link above to my profile. However I still use Draft2Digital  as my distribution service, however the more I thought about it, much like, I don't wish to forgo Smashwords as a Martketplace.

I find I did sell a surprising amount of books via them directly and was missing getting those purchase notifications...

And the glorious coupon codes. Just make it easier to do giveaways should I want. 

My biggest gripe is, Smashwords dependence upon Paypal - Which I loath. There's no (good) reason Smashwords doesn't do direct deposit like Amazon. My Paypal experience sucked, and I have not been able to fix it. Which means I must collect revenue by means of old fashion hard copy checks from both (anther place I seem to have been selling good at... go figure?) and Smashwords.

Guess what I'm saying is. Smashwords is a viable and lively book marketplace, and despite some headaches it causes, I do like it for that.



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