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March 25, 2018 4:45 pm  #1

TMBL Preview: Catgirl, in Six Inch Stilettos

Wait until I write about Prince Vulcan's, girlfriend... (Not a catgirl... Ahem...)


“Mars Freightliner, and Miss Persis Bengalara.” The chiseled black haired Morningstar man declared putting his paperwork down. Free hand around a bosomy tan, and black-dappled, with a white undercoat catgirl, in six inch stilettos. Her ringed-tail pleasurably swayed.

The Chitraka woman’s, sensitive ears twitched when she heard Sula coo. “What an adorable baby.”

Sarina smiled. “Thank, you.”

“You have quite a litter.”

Diesel, Thorium, and Octane were – Very impressed by Persis Bengalara. Sure, they’d seen Chitraka before, but Persis was a sight to behold. Naturally little boys, being boys are transfixed by curvy things and their blue Morningstar eyes all but popped out of their sockets. Hela, being a good big sister wouldn’t stand for it. “Stop it!” Attempted to cover their eyes, failed miserably. Mumbled. “So, embarrassing...”

“Oh, and what a pretty minx you are.” Persis purred, a glint in her purple eyes.

Hela flushed, stammered. “Thanks.”



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