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February 18, 2018 6:10 am  #1

The Last Jedi, Exists Only to Subvert (And That's a Bad Thing)

Rian Johnson's only motivation in making The Last Jedi, seems to have been to 'Subvert Expectations'. This is really dumb and serves to serve only the ego of the director, and not the story or its characters he's the custodian of. Neither Old Trilogy charterers. Leia, Chewbacca, or and most especially, Luke Skywalker and served by this as a prime motivation, but also any of the next generation, those new Sequel Trilogy characters we are supposed be getting emotionally invested in, get a good deal here.

Finn, is horribly used. And he could have been so much more interesting then what he was used for in this movie. You have an ex-StormTrooper here and he's used for comedy and B-plot that has no lasting effect on the story. Poe, got to play the dumbass space jockey and be the punching bag for the shoehorned Feminist agenda.

Speaking of. A potentially interesting character in Rey (Nobody) has been needlessly MarySue-d. This is a crime which deserves its own post. I like female protagonists. This is awful, and avoidable.

Yet these are not even The Last Jedi's greatest sin. No.

Its greatest sin is, that its a complete reset (not a reboot...). The state of A Galaxy, Far, Far Away... Has been returned to zero, where nothing that was gained by the sacrifices made in the Old Trilogy mattered or have had IMPACT, This is key. Luke Skywalker, is a failure as a Jedi Master. His only lasting achievement was to trigger his nephew into becoming a Dark Lord.

The New Republic seemingly (and stupidly) has been wiped out in one fell swoop. Which means Leia, is also a failure. But it does let Disney, use the term 'Rebels'.

Those I've seen defend this trainwreck of a movie, try to proclaim it lets Disney take things in a 'New Direction'. But its nothing of the sort. Given resetting things back to a level worse off then before The Battle of Endor, is simply setting up a new Empire v Rebels storyline.

The Old Expanded Universe, actually did push the story forward in varied new directions. And it did so without stomping on the Skywalker Legacy.

Kylo Ren, outright tells us Disney's ultimate goal with Star Wars. "To kill the past". This is how arrogant Disney is, their chief villain (sorry, Snoke) bluntly states the goal is to ride roughshod over both the Skywalker family, and reduce the past to zero. None of that is moving the story forward, even as it "artistically" subverts expectations which appears to have been Rian Johnson's only motivator, which is sad since he was handed an ample chance that he wasted and we will never have again. A chance to pass on the torch with the Old Trilogy characters and do so in a fluid symmetric manner.

Right. The Last Jedi, lacks symmetry, or poetry. Things, both the OT and Prequels have in abundance and it makes them watchable, and memorable films. But Rian Johnson, wanted to be an arstiste, rather than a storyteller.

My problems with The Last Jedi, are not mere quibbles over 'plot holes' (though, there are those) its about the stated intentions, both within the film itself, and outside of it by its director, to reset the Star Wars universe and how it goes about doing so, by making everything which came before it - Including, its immediate predecessor, meaningless. Its literally as if The Last Jedi, is the start of a new story, and The Force Awakens, never existed and that the only things either have in common, are names of some characters who are not really themselves but share the same actors.


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