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October 20, 2017 4:44 am  #1

Battles With Generals Mattis & Kelly Won't End Good For Media

The Media only has one tool, and continues to deploy that tool, stupidly amid continued failure. That they setup conflicts which almost require that the President ask Generals Mattis and Kelly to come before the camera and refute Media lies, guarantees, the Media is doomed to fail.

These two gentlemen are highly respected figures, and very good spokesmen for President Trump. If the Media thinks encouraging these two figures to rise to the defend their Commander-and-Chief, hurts Donald J. Trump, they've greatly miscalculated. I'd even bet, the President would love more reasons to get his Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense out in front of the news cycle.

This is a losing move, on the Media's part. Keep it up.


Yeah, George W. Bush, complaining about 'Trumpism' is also a losing tactic, whomever thought this brilliant, really does not grasp the lessons of the 2016 Presidential Election. This move by the former president, only makes GWB look weak like his low energy brother, Jeb. Among other things...

Regardless, this dumb move, actually strengthens President Trump. Keep it up.

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